Hemp has many uses and health benefits that help people both – inside and outside. Mostly, they are able to alleviate some diseases. What kind of? You will find out in this article.


We can find online a lot of researches proving that hemp has a positive effect on our self-being. It helps us in stress, anxiety, discomfort and general pain. As it turns out, it has a positive effect also in the case of ADHD. CBD is able to minimize hyperactivity and spontaneity. An American study was guided, in which about 270 discussion threads were examined in order to find out what effects the use of CBD during ADHD treatment had. The results were staggering – up to 25% indicated that the use of oil improved their condition. It can be concluded that cannabis oil can have a positive effect on the treatment of ADHD, but everyone achieves individual results and it should be kept on mind.

Most of the respondents claimed that while using the CBD, their impulses are more controlled.

CBD for migraine

Of course, ADHD is not the only disease that cannabis deals with. Patients who often have migraine may also use CBD to fight their symptoms. Specialized research was carried out in this area. It has been determined that the use of CBD in a dose of 200 milligrams a day for three months brings a satisfactory result. It is clear, however, that in the case of more frequent and more intense migraines, the dose can be increased.

Unfortunately, side effects – such as drowsiness and difficulty with concentrating – have been reported with this treatment.

Acne and arthritis

Due to the fact that CBD is available in various forms, such as food, oils, creams, tonics, etc., they can not only cure inside the body, but also outside. It has a positive use in the case of acne, with which you can fight just with the help of cosmetics.  According to the results of the study, in which the men tested cannabis cream with an extract of 3%, it turned out that it caused the reduction of sebum in the skin. So if we want to reduce the number of acne spots, you can use cannabis cream for help.

It has also been proven that marijuana has a beneficial effect on patients with arthritis. The studies were conducted on the placebo group and on people fighting inflammation. The purpose was to investigate whether cannabis agents are able to help in this treatment – it turned out that yes, and furthermore, it was found that ingredients containing cannabis can help with muscle stiffness and pain. The only problem is to help patients with arthritis in morning stiffness, because they often accumulate at night when the patient is unable to take the dose at night.

Treatment with CBD-containing products is also used by known persons, such as actor Sir Patrick Stewart. The alternative treatment method like CBD, is becoming more and more popular due to its effectiveness. Reasearches prove this statement.