The answer to this question is not the easiest, because of the fact that our first association when it comes to hemp oil is marijuana and that leads to many misunderstandings.

Not everyone knows that marijuana is a family name for plants that include both cannabis and marijuana, as well as many other types. What is the difference between cannabis and marijuana? First of all, the fact that cannabis is a kind of plant that is cultivated because of the low THC level, while marijuana is the opposite – it is cultivated due to the high level of this substance. This means that these two plants are two different species, grown for various reasons. Due to the fact that not everyone is aware of this, cannabis is often regarded as the same plant as marijuana, and is also described as evil and dangerous, which is not true.

Now I see the difference – but which hemp is legal?

As you might expect, Denmark sets the law based on the euphoric effects of different products. Therefore, marijuana is not legal because it contains THC – psychoactive substances that cause intoxication. Hemps containing CBD are legal in Denmark due to the lack of psychoactive substances. CBD and THC can be used in various forms. CBD is sold in healthy food, cosmetics and oils. Illegal marijuana is either smoking marijuana, THC or other forms of hemp that cause intoxication. It is punishable by a fine of between 1,000 and 4,000 krones depending on having amount and previous penalties.

How do law work in other countries when it comes to cannabis?

In most foreign countries, marijuana is forbidden, especially the one with a high THC content. However, there are places where it is possible to use cannabis, especially for medical purposes. The northern neighbors of Denmark also do not allow the use of cannabis in a similar way to the Danes, but due to the influence of Christianity, this prohibition is not always enforced properly.

In the case of Asian, African and North American countries, marijuana is also not legal. The United States, however, is divided into states, cities and places where marijuana is legal or not. For example – in Texas, Tennesse and Alabama, cultivation and possession of cannabis is prohibited and punishable, but in California, Oregon or Nevada you will find so-called “Recreational marijuana”. There are also states in which cannabis use is allowed partly, as in Denmark, only for medical purposes.

Different rules for the possession and use of cannabis occur in Europe. There are countries such as the Netherlands, where marijuana is largely legal, but there are also countries that may have a similar right to Cyprus, where the punishment for possession of cannabis is eight years in prison.

Is there any future for hemp?

For cannabis with CBD substance? Of course! This substance proved to be a breakthrought in medicine that can affect the treatment of many diseases. Many countries decide to put medicinal marijuana as legal. Of course, there are also countries that object and absolutely disagree with requests for the legalization of marijuana.