We should always treat our health as priority. There are some possibilities to take care of our health, but we usually want to choose the best ones or those that work the best for our body. What we are often concerned with is to choose the medicines or conditioning products which will enable us to maintain balance and which do not affect our functioning negatively. Is true hemp (Latin: Cannabis sativa) a plant that may ensure it?

Hemp and human body.

Thousands of studies show that CBD present in the plant has got great advantages for the health, particularly for our physiology and homeostasis. Due to the fact that our body constantly strives to achieve a physiological balance, endocannabinoids help to coordinate and communicate with all body cells. CBD enters and regulates genes which generate inflammatory biochemical substances. The same applies to the nervous system, which controls and takes care of our calmness. The whole phenomenon may be compared with the brake and accelerator pedals in cars. Researchers constantly study and test the properties of this unique plant with CBD substance content, but there are already conclusions formulated that it is effective and has medical potential.

Does CBD cure?

CBD not only ensures balance and improves the quality of life, but it also shows medical properties. It has got an enormous potential in maintaining and strengthening of bones – it may fasten the process of healing fractures or help the bones to increase their durability. It was also shown that CBD has got therapeutic potential in degenerative diseases, one of them being the Parkinson’s disease. This chronic neurodegenerative disease involves progressive loss of neurons containing the substance signalling dopamine in the brain, which serves as a chemical transmitter between neurons, which helps to regulate various functions of the body. The endocannabinoid system plays an important role in Parkinson’s disease, that is why CBD may have a splendid effect and it is definitely worth trying in such disorders.

Medical and conditioning properties

However, hemp may be used not only in medicine, but also in care. Many studies confirm that cosmetics with hemp content have anti-acne properties. They moisturise, soothe, protect, and even can reduce the sebum content in the skin. Products with hemp extract may prevent acne or problematic skin.

True hemp has got many applications and properties. If we use it reasonably and according to relevant guidelines, we may improve our health, preserve the balance in our body and also ensure proper care. It’s definitely worth using!