In the Royal Cannabis online store, you can pay for your order online with a quick transfer or traditional transfer, payment on delivery to the courier if you choose “on delivery” or in cash if you choose “personal pickup” at the Royal Cannabis store.

Online payments are always made via the DotPay website. In the finalization of the order, after selecting the “DotPay payment” button, the customer is redirected to the DotPay website.

The Royal Cannabis online store accepts traditional transfers:
Mil-tek Polska Sp.zo.o.
Ul. Ostrobramska 75c lok 3.14, 04-175 Warszawa
Bank Rumia Spółdzielczy
07 8351 0003 0027 7662 2000 0010
PL 07 8351 0003 0027 7662 2000 0010

It is also possible to pay in cash for orders at the Royal Cannabis store at ul. Ostrobramska 75C, apartment 3.14 (CH Promenada), 04-175 Warsaw, between 8:30 and 16:00 (Monday – Friday).